For 15 years, Vertuity Mortgage has been a leading Winnipeg mortgage broker. The company has focused on securing the right mortgage at the best mortgage rate for each customer. Success comes from knowing the local market and reaching out to the best lenders in Canada to service the Winnipeg market.

Winnipeg is a culturally diverse city.  It’s known as the “cultural cradle of Canada.” More than 100 languages are represented in the community. Approximately 22% of Winnipeg residents were born outside of Canada. About 10% of the population of 665,000 people immigrated to Winnipeg in the last ten years.  Also, Winnipeg is just 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the United States border. Manitoba, with a populations of 1.3 million people, borders North Dakota and Minnesota to the south.

Winnipeg Mortgage BrokerBeing a Winnipeg mortgage broker means working with people of diverse backgrounds and economic capabilities. Housing is a primary concern for anyone moving to the area. Housing starts are increasing in 2017 and resale of existing homes is brisk. The average resale home price in Winnipeg is about $286,000. The average personal income per capita in Winnipeg is $40,500.

Whether you’re looking for a home in the Exchange District, West Kildonan or Tuxedo chances are Vertuity Mortgage has probably helped arrange a mortgage for someone you know.  The average list price for a home in Elmwood is $198,000 while the average list price for a home in Bridgwater Forest is $662,000. As a Winnipeg mortgage broker we know all the neighborhoods and housing listings. Whatever your price range we can accommodate you.

It can be a challenge to save for a down payment and afford the first home.  We work with a significant number of first-time home buyers. Saving for a 20% down payment takes time.  It’s hard to put off spending on things you want and focusing on something you need.  Buying your first home is one of the major events in your life.

On October 3, 2016 the Government of Canada announced new housing measures to increase stability of the housing market. Under the new measures, all high ratio mortgages (less than 20% down payment) are “stress tested” to determine if new borrowers can afford the mortgage if interest rates rise. Approximate 5% to 10% of new home buyers could be negatively impacted by the new measure.

Some new home buyers may have to purchase less expensive homes or add more money to the down payment.  It could require people to put off purchasing a new home to save more money for a bigger down payment. Some people may use a co-signor for the home.

Vertuity Mortgage works with each customer to understand the government’s recent changes and how they affect your ability to buy a home.

We’ve spent the last 15 years in Winnipeg helping people all across Canada with their mortgage financing needs. Unlike most large financial institutions, we will give you honest advice and recommend the best product to fit your needs. We will have your best interest in mind and find a solution that suits you and your family at this time in your lives.

Vertuity Mortgage finds the best low rate, low fee mortgages available. We work our relationships with top banks and brokers across Canada to get you the best mortgage offers possible. The best part is it’s a free, no obligation service. We are a Winnipeg mortgage broker that’s knows the market and how to get you the resources you need get the right mortgage.

If you’re not interested in Winnipeg yet, know that Winnipeg averages 316 days of sunshine per year –one of the most in Canada. We’re your sun soaked Winnipeg mortgage broker.