Secure the Lowest Rates

Vertuity Mortgage will help you secure the lowest rates possible for your mortgage.  Obtaining a mortgage can be complicated.  You need to get the right mortgage for your situation.  You can spend years trying to learn all there is to know or you can work with Vertuity Mortgage and get the expertise you need immediately.  We want to secure the lowest rates for you but we want to do it with the right mortgage for you.

You Have Options Available

First, realize that you have options. You’re not locked into your local bank. A mortgage broker has significant advantages over a bank in helping you secure the lowest rates.

Vertuity Mortgage has access to over 40 different lenders and typically works with 5-10 lenders to meet a client’s needs. It’s a matter of who has the best products in the industry to help the client the most. Vertuity is a local company but is part of a national mortgage franchise that creates great “buying power”. It allows Vertuity to obtain lenders rock bottom lowest interest rates upfront without any need for negotiating. It often means Vertuity can get you a lower mortgage loan rate than you could from anyone including your own bank!

While you may be a long time customer at your bank, if you want the lowest mortgage rates your bank may not be the best place to go. Your bank may not be able to offer you the lowest mortgage rates like Vertuity Mortgage can. Banks can shop like we can. Also, banks are more rigid in who they can accept for mortgages. If your credit isn’t quite up to par the bank likely can’t work with you.

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You Need Expertise

Secondly, you’re probably going to need help. Buying a new home or refinancing your home is complicated. If you want to get the lowest mortgage interest rates possible you need expertise.

As a licensed mortgage broker Vertuity Mortgage doesn’t work for the bank it works for you. Your personal consultation starts with understanding your needs and wants. Everyone’s situation is different and Vertuity’s personal consultations are focused on finding out what’s best for you. Vertuity will find out what your qualifications and mortgage preferences are and work to get you the lowest mortgage interest rate possible.

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The Vertuity Mortgage Hassle Free Process provides you with a step-by-step program taking you from start to finish on your new mortgage loan. Vertuity Mortgage developed the process to provide you the personalized service you need and the best mortgage. Your personal advisor will walk you through each step to make sure the mortgage process is easy but also complete. To get the best rate at the right time the paperwork needs to be completed correctly and in a timely manner.

Get Pre-Approved

Third, you want to get pre-approved. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is one of the first steps you should take to get the lowest mortgage interest rates possible. You’ll know how much the bank is willing to lend you and how much you can afford when shopping for your new home. Pre-approval will tell you what your expected mortgage payments will be. You may also be able to lock in your interest rate at the current rate to protect you from the potential of rising interest rates.

Buy a new home. Refinance your home. Get the lowest mortgage interest rates possible with Vertuity Mortgage. Apply for a mortgage loan online now.

With Vertuity, we want you to get secure the lowest rates possible. We help you get preapproved and we find you the best mortgage possible through our network of lenders. We act as your trusted advisor and help you using our Hassle Free Process. We simply do the things to get you the lowest mortgage rates that the big banks can’t do.

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