Refinance your home and take advantage of the new opportunities

  • Do you find yourself making minimum payments each month?
  • Do you make multiple (over three) different payments each month?
  • Are your loans or credit cards charging you an interest rate higher than the current mortgage rates?
  • Are you looking for money for investments?
  • Planning on any home improvements?
Input your monthly payments and see how much Vertuity Mortgage can save you by using our Debt Consolidation calculator

Why not use the money in your home to pay off debts that carry higher interest rates? When you refinance your home, you can eliminate credit card debts, car loans and even lines of credit. Why pay interest rates of 20% on your bank’s credit card when you can consolidate debt with your existing mortgage and pay a much lower interest rate. Debt consolidation can in fact reduce the amount that you pay out each month which simplifies your finances by having one lower payment each month. Or, you could access equity in your home for renovations. Why wait for the kitchen you have always dreamed of? Why wait to renovate your basement? Refinancing your home for renovations can increase its value, making it a wise decision.

Vertuity will search numerous lenders for the best terms available when you are ready to refinance. Keep in mind that there can be fees and/or penalties involved in refinancing but a Mortgage Agent at Vertuity is more than happy to walk you through the process, in order to make sure it is the right financial decision for you. We are the right people to help you refinance your home.

Remember… if your original mortgage was insured, you only pay the insurance premium on the new money borrowed.

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